SCOM 2012 R2 Web Console Installation.

The Web Console component will be installed on the server RS007 on which the Report Server has already been installed.


  • The Prerequisites on this link must be installed.
  • SQL report viewer.

Installation Steps

Log on RS007 with an account which had local administrative rights and which is part of the SCOM administrators Group. Launch Setup.exe from the SCOM 2012 R2 sources as administrator.

On Operation Manager screen Click install.

Select Add a feature.

Select only the Web Console component.

Wait the validation then click next.

Select Default Web Site, uncheck enable SSL then click next.

Select Use Forms Authentication.

On Help improve operations Manager, Select No Iam not waiting for ….., then click next.

On Microsoft Update Screen Select Off then click next.

Validate the information then click install.

Wait for the installation.

On Setup is complete Screen validate that all is checked green then click close.

Open SCOM console, Select Administration, Setting, open web Address.

Click test,

On the IE click install Silverlight.

Click run.

Click on Install now.

Click Next

Click Close

Click Skip.

The Web Console is now accessible inter your user name and login.

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