SCOM 2012 R2 Create Rule – Based on Repeated Count

One of the built in Monitor types in the SCOM Console, is a repeated event detection monitor. This is a good way of creating an alert when you want to know when multiple similar events are recorded in a specified time frame.
This is a good way for application that log one or two events but if you have application log large number of events in short time frame and it’s not evidence of a problem.
The issue we always had with the SCOM console is that it only provides us with a repeated event detection Monitor nut not a rule.
Starting from SCOM 2012 there is no SCOM authoring console anymore and you need to write it using VSAE in XML.
This leaves us with the needs to have a simple rule type, with repeated event detection.
I will show a simple code for creating event detection Rule with repeated count on time slot.
On the next point will provide the XML simple code and some print screen from the rule configuration.
The XML can be copied on XML file and imported into the SCOM 2012 R2 then can be modified according to the needs.

All the information found on this link

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