SCOM Dolphin Tools v2.0


New SCOM Dolphin Tools made to help the SCOM admins to do some needed SCOM activity easily and resolving issues.

Tool History:

Release Date


May 2017

Original release Tool version 1.0.

HSLookDown Tool tab.

Agent Clear Cashe Tool tab.

August 2017

Add Import SCOM 2016 Certificate tab Release Version 2.0.

Tool Main Menu

1. In order to run the tool, you need to double-click to the tool exe file.


2. You Can receive the user account control warring, click yes “The tool required to run as administration”.


3.    Once you click yes the tool will run displaying the tool Main Window.



Version 2.0 contain the following options:

  1. For Agent Clear Cashe Tool.
  2. For HSLookDown Tool
  3. For Import Certificate Tool.

SCOM Dolphin Tools v2.0 Download Link.


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